Give your loved ones an original gift this Christmas — a gift that moves you.

December 18, 2018

With the holiday seasons coming up we all start to feel joyful and love to spend more time with our loved ones. So, this year, why don’t we give up on materialistic presents and give our family and friends an experience to remember?

World’s Marathons is an international online platform that offers runners tickets to the best running events all around the globe such as Seoul Marathon, Larnaka International Marathon or Angkor Wat Half International Marathon to name a few! And now, with the World’s Marathons Gift Card, you can give somebody the experience of their lifetime and invite them to attend to any of the amazing partner running events.

Get your World’s Marathons Gift Card easily!

Get your World’s Marathons Gift Card, top it up with the amount of money of your choice and then send it to your runner friend. They will be able to use this credit on all of the amazing events selling tickets through our international platform World’s Marathons, during a 12-month period.

If you want to know more about this gift, please click here.

Do you know somebody who loves running, nature and adventure? Then this is the perfect gift for them this year!

World’s Marathons Gift Card is the ultimate present for people that are
passionate about running, travelling and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Save yourself some time from the chaotic shopping season by getting your World’s Marathons Gift Card online and this year, surprise your loved ones with this unique and original present.

Give your special ones the chance to live a whole new adventure with the opportunity to choose any corner of the world to run and explore.

Isn’t that something you’d like for yourself? Well, spread the word, let everyone know about World’s Marathons Gift Card, and if you are in Santa’s good kids list maybe you will also be receiving your World’s Marathons Gift Card this year.

Contact us!

Visit to get your World’s Marathons Gift Card, read the terms and conditions or email if you have any questions!

Our team hopes to see you on our platform soon and wants to wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful and Happy New Year!

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