Improve runner experience while registration

August 13, 2020

Runners don’t only want to keep up the good pace on the route, but also while registering for an event.

Do you want to design a good registration form that doesn’t give runners a headache? Continue reading for some useful tips!

1. The shorter the better:

Ask basic questions that are really necessary, and avoid those that you could do without. Don’t include any mandatory questions with statistics purposes. Let the runner decide whether they want to answer or not! 

2. Make sure that you describe what you are requesting clearly:

A bad description of a sign-up field can cause the runner to abandon the registration form, and it might also cause a big workload for your customer support team. 

3. Add a ticket description:

Give the runner an overview of what they can expect from that ticket purchase, for example, what is included in the fee, what kind of surface does the race have or any other valuable information. 

4. Offer add-on products:

Give something extra to the runner. Design unique articles that runners can proudly wear or use in your event or even afterwards! 

5. Avoid hidden costs:

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to money! So make sure you communicate the full price of the ticket from the beginning. Calculate all costs beforehand and set up prices that cover them and that produce benefits as well. Avoid adding admin fees or any other type of fees. 

6. Keep the runner informed:

Create a good confirmation email for the runner to receive after they have completed their registration, where they can check all the basic information that they have filled out during the signup process.

At World’s Marathons we have based our registration form feature on all of these tips, this is why you as an event organizer will be able to set up your own user-firendly registration form within 2 minutes. Sign up today at or contact us at 

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Sara Romero Doreste

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