Increase the International Exposure of Your Running Event

May 1, 2019

Enhance your event’s visibility with World’s Marathons Marketing Packages

As a running event organizer you already know that World’s Marathons is not only an online registration system but also a platform with automated marketing that showcases your event to our wide international audience.

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But, why not going one step further? — All running events are different and unique in their own way. This got us thinking that we needed to provide organizers with a platform that allows them to build their own marketing plan based on their own event necessities!

  • Prime spot on World’s Marathons Home page
  • Content Visibility
  • Social Media Exposure
  • And more!

Why do you need your own customized Marketing activities?

When you opt for any of our marketing add-on services, you improve your visibility through the relevant tactics and strategies that World’s Marathons Marketing Packages bring you.

You will also have an optimized online presence while developing a coherent strategy according to your target audience. These marketing activities will give your event an additional boost without taking any extra time from you which can be dedicated to other tasks within your event’s organization.

Ensure an accelerated growth of your tickets sales with the most popular marketing activities in the business — blog posts, exposure on +40 calendars, influencer marketing campaign, and much more!

Organize a successful running event with World’s Marathons in four simple steps:

  1. Visit our marketing space specially designed for Race Organizers
  2. Tell us what you and your event need!
  3. Build a marketing plan along with World’s Marathons Marketing experts.
  4. Watch your tickets sales take off! 🚀

Contact us!

World’s Marathons Marketing experts are always open to new ideas and happy to listen to the highly valuable feedback from organizers in order to offer you the marketing package that best suits your event.

Want to learn more about World’s Marathons and its new Marketing Packages? Let us know more about your event’s needs. You can also email !

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Sara Romero Doreste

Customer Success Lead and Content Creator joined World's Marathons in 2018. Any questions about our platform? You need help increasing your ticket sales? You can contact me at

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