Virtual runs - how to organize one?

July 22, 2020

When the world is going through a very difficult time and most industries are affected, the endurance events industry is not an exception. 

You can check how it is currently affecting the running industry by having a look at these insights. 

New difficulties bring new opportunities! In our last article we have already suggested  organizers' to create virtual events, but how can you optimally do it? Well, keep reading and check our tips and insights to have a well-organized virtual run and make it profitable!

What have we learnt so far?

  • Time span:  A great aspect of virtual races is that runners have the flexibility to complete the challenge at their own pace, withing a set period of time, which can range from a couple days to a few weeks.
  • Start ticket sales no more than a month in advance: We have observed that ticket sales pick up when the event is getting closer. So our tip for you is not to open registrations too early, a month prior is optimal!

  • Virtual versions of existing events sell better: Runners dream of completing well-known marathons, this is why they will love to have the opportunity to run the virtual version of your already existing event.
  • Try to escape from the “trend”:   The market might be getting a bit saturated with Virtual Events, this is why you need to make something unique!

    Once you have an idea of what you want your virtual event to be, do some research and check how many other virtual events already exist with that name. Be original! 

Offer something unique

  • Partner up with a well-known charity: In the current circumstances people want to help others in any way they can. And what a better way to do it than running? Partner up with a well-recognised organization that gives runners a feeling of legitimacy. Your audience will appreciate the fact that they can help others while doing what they love - running!

  • Offer Medal, t-shirt, and/or diploma shipping: Runners still want to get the feeling they are part of something, so shipping medals, t-shirts, or any other reward will be a trigger for your audience to purchase a ticket!

  •  Develop a great result submission solution: Make sure that your runners can easily upload their results and get to a leaderboard where they can proudly see their names and time. 

World’s Marathons solution

  • Quick onboarding and setup: Nothing has changed! World’s Marathons is still the same user-friendly platform where you can easily onboard yourself and set up your virtual event in a few minutes!

  • Great features: easy result submission, proof of results, finishers gallery, leaderboard, FAQ, and more features coming up! 

Use World's Marathons platform to handle your registrations and manage your virtual event easily!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at 

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