World’s Marathons is now available in Chinese + 5 other languages!

December 18, 2018

After World’s Marathons was launched in English back in 2016 we started thinking about what other languages we’d like to make World’s Marathons available in. In 2017 we indexed ourselves on “Chinese Google”, Baidu. And today we are available in Chinese + 5 other languages!

World’s Marathons is adding new languages to suit its global growth

Since we are a European company we started out with the countries in Europe from where runners travel the most to attend international running events, based on our statistics these countries were Italy, France and Germany.

After adding Italian, French and German , we decided to go for the 4th largest language in the world, Spanish. Now our platform was available to organizers and runners in some of the worlds largest languages. As well as some of the most travelled from European countries.

The largest leap was when we decided to cross borders and go inter-continental. We translated our platform into the most spoken and popular language in the world along with English and this is Chinese!

We are already available on “Chinese Google”, Baidu

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Hosting successful running events like the challenging and breathtakingly beautiful Jinshanling Great Wall Marathon, China has become one of the most attractive destinations for people to enjoy their running experiences.

So we at World’s Marathons thought not only about offering our platform in Chinese but also about being accessible to a wider audience, this is why we are now available in Baidu! the most popular online search engine in China.

This gives World’s Marathons a global exposure that helps both Chinese organizers and runners to find us easily using their regular day-to-day search engine.

Chinese organizers whose events are promoted on our platform will not only have western exposure but will now gain visibility to all the fast-growing Asian running community through Baidu.

Are there any other languages you would like World’s Marathons to be available in?

At World’s Marathons we are always open to new and fresh ideas. We take care of growth and evolution. So we would love to hear your opinion and suggestions to help us move forward.

Is there any other language missing? Our ever-growing platform wishes to keep expanding horizons and bring a multi-language registration and marketing system for running events to the public.

Let us know and help us grow!

Thank you for your support. Merci pour votre soutien. Danke für Ihre Unterstützung. Gracias por vuestro apoyo. Grazie per il vostro sostegno. 感谢您的支持.

The perks of using World’s Marathons for your Running Event.

World’s Marathons is an international online registration platform with automated international marketing. When using our platform, your events receive worldwide attention from our global running audience.

Interested to learn more? Please get in touch with us!

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