The Power of World's Marathons


World’s Marathons is the new digital standard for online registrations and marketing automation for endurance events, based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Online Registration System

World's Marathons online registration system is available in 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Mandarin). Digitally transforming and automating the way you manage registrations and marketing for your event.

Event Registration

ully customizable registration forms with international and local payment options. Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal and many more. Easily integrated into your own site.

Order Management

Manage all participant data in one place. Change tickets, add participants, manage refunds, race day check-in, last minute registrations and much more.

Promote your event

Automated marketing integrated into our Online Registration System. See which channels convert. Visibility towards +1 million runners/month from +130 nationalities.

Our Online Registration System Features

Built to your needs. We constantly add and improve the wide feature set offered in our Online Registration System. Are you missing something in your current system? Tell us and we build it for you! Be part of the process and take advantage of the many features used by top industry players.



Unique and SEO optimized event page visible to over 1 million runners / month.

Ads and Affiliates

Automatic Google Adwords and Social Media campaigns together with distribution in our affiliates network.

Newsletters and Signals

Promotional send outs to our runners community and automatic reminders to improve retention.


Checkout Flow

Simple customizable checkout flow optimized for maximum conversion available in 9 languages and fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Payment Solutions

Trusted international and local payments with Stripe, PayPal and more.

Deals and Discounts

Set up coupon codes and other deals to increase the number of participants.


Financial Dashboards

Keep track of revenue over time through our dashboards.

Order Trends

Discover trends in user behaviour and be able to push for more sales at the right time.

Event Management

Edit Participant Info

Easily change any participant information up until the race day.


Manage all participant refunds with ease from one place.

Race Day Check-in

Check-in participants when they collect their BIB and keep track of your participants.

Late Registrations

Don't use excel lists! Register participants easily on the race day directly in our system.

Review & Recommend

Share with firends

Runners can create and share their personal bucketlist which helps spread your event.


Participants are automatically reminded to review and recommend your event.

Runner Affiliate Programs

Runners will be rewarded for recommending your event.

Powering events around the globe

Check out some of our many events already using World's Marathons.

Larnaka Marathon

Radisson Blu International Larnaka Marathon is one of cyprus many beautiful events with over 4000 participants per year.

"In just four months, we managed to have over 3,000 runners from all over the world, which we could not have achieved without the help and incredible support of the World's Marathons team!"

Filippos Siakavaras
Radisson Blu International Larnaka Marathon

Setting up your event

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