Fanomena Events

Offer your sponsors a new digital channel

Increases sponsorship revenue

Sponsors love the visibility and conversions they receive with Fanomena Events. Satisfy your existing sponsors and generate new ones by offering an innovative channel.

outstanding performance results

Directly send your sponsors' offers to your audience. An average opening rate of >70% quadruples the values of common advertising tools.


Provide your sponsors with real time return-on-investment analysis and evaluation directly after the event. Every interaction is monitored with Fanomena Events.


easy set up

Create beautiful content without any coding knowledge.

Fanomena Events helps you along the way

The application guides you through every step in order to reach the best results. We don't leave you alone!

dynamic content

Edit your content at any time or at any stage of your event.

how does Fanomena Events work?

present your sponsors content in an interactive way

Include vouchers, discounts, raffles, surveys and even rich media like videos or GIFs.

Keep partners, sponsors and participants connected

Increase your sponsors' visibility by sharing their content with a highly targeted audience directly through the system.

give your sponsors an overview OF THEIR ROI

Satisfy your sponsors with detailed analytics to determine a clear ROI of their advertisement.


generate additional revenue

Sell placements as an advertising space to your sponsors and refinance your investment.

increase your audience

Gain visibility with Fanomena Events and increase your contact data pool through landing pages.


Help keeping a clean environment by not using printed promotional materials and plastic bags.